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Quality Assurance

With years of experience, knowledge and competence one of our main objectives as a food processor is to supply our customers with seafood products of unquestionable quality which we back with our 100 per cent satisfaction guarantee.

Our farmers and all other partners in the value chain have a focus primarily on the safety of the fish, their people and the environment. They are concerned with producing fish in compliance with the sustainability of the site and its location and at all times with cage densities conductive to correct fish welfare.

Highland Farms emphasizes quality in production, product quality, chain traceability, food safety and confidence for our customers and their end user consumers.

Specifications from our customers, national standards, company documentation and food safety laws and regulations form the basis of our efforts to provide products that satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers.

Standard Operating Practises (SOP’s) regarding risk management with respect to food safety are managed according to HACCP principles. The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is a tool for identification and control of potential food safety risks and are implemented fully at our plant in Cumbria.

All our products can be delivered with a traceability report showing all relevant and necessary information on the history of the product, the production process and other important factors (feeds used, vaccination, veterinary records etc.)

For further information on the feed producers who our primary fish farming partners use please go to the following web sites:-

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